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August 10, 2018

Our Kitchen Plan

If you follow me on instagram and watch my stories, then you know that Kegan and I started our kitchen renovation. However, I’m going to backtrack a little bit because I really want to start at the beginning on this project. Our budget isn’t huge so we will be keeping the same layout – more on that in a later post but we have bought a new range so there’s that.

I want to share a little of the design direction we’re headed in.

Here’s my thoughts:

  • Moody, dark cabinets
  • Modern but handmade white subway tile
  • Bright quartz counters
  • Ditching upper cabinets
  • Open wood shelving
  • Butcher block island
  • Tiled hood vent

I know that no upper cabinets is a risky design. It means there’s less room to hide the the ugly’s that inevitably invade our kitchens -but hear me out here. I love the look of just a couple shelves, leaving the room feeling open and bright. It allows more light to fill the room. Our kitchen is in the darkest corner of our house so more light is certainly welcomed.

Plus, I’m hoping the loss of those upper cabinets (which we didn’t have many to start with) will encourage us to live more minimally. We also have a decent size pantry in our laundry area off of the kitchen which houses all our pantry goods, kitchen towels and extra knick-knacks. *Fingers crossed*

Here’s the inspirational kitchens I’m pulling from: – Let me know your thoughts!

Queue the drool face emoji

Decor Pad Tiled Hood


Tiled Kitchen Hood


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devol hampton kitchen

Devol Hampton Kitchen

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